Raven And A Black Cat

download (1)Mondays are usually not my favorite day of the week. I wake up late most Mondays and as a result I am also late to work. On my way to work yesterday morning, I noticed a raven. There is an old saying that seeing a raven brings sorrow, seeing two of them brings joy and three brings letters. Well no one writes letters anymore so technically that can’t be true.

Anyway so I was walking this morning to work and I saw this lone raven standing on a fence doing whatever raven does. I ignored it because I don’t really believe in superstitions. I continued walking further and saw a black cat next. Cat crossing doesn’t usually bother me but seeing a raven and then a black cat today made me wonder a bit. This is the exact same route that I take to work everyday but I have never seen these two before.

I didn’t think too much about it after all, worst thing that can happen is having a bad day at work. I reached work anticipating the worst. It turns out nothing really went wrong. My day was calm and normal, I did not get hit by a bus nor did I break any code (I am a programmer). I had a pleasant day at work and a wonderful evening later at home.

The point is superstitions don’t really come true. False belief and other myths are just an excuse to hold you back from moving forward. Nothing controls your day than your own mind. Even if it was a bad day, how you handle bad situations determines if it is good or bad for you. One can turn a good day into bad or vice-versa by not handling situations in the right way. So next time you see something superstitious, just go on with your life and enjoy.

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