No meetings please

imagesEvery morning my workday starts with a stand up meeting. It’s the most non-productive part of my day. Each one has to say what they worked on or will be working on during the day. Some days it gets so redundant that you can sort of predict what each person will say.

Corporate world is sort of obsessed with meetings. Some times there is pre-meetings, post meeting, follow ups and what not. I recently had to work with a consultant to implement a feature for my team. What could have been done in a couple weeks took us 7 weeks to complete. And one of the main reasons it wasn’t done on time was because no one did their homework right. There would be meetings every week and instead of providing the requirements or questions beforehand people would come up with them during the meetings. The larger the group, the worse it gets.

Lot of meetings have way too many people involved than what is required. I remember being in a meeting where we couldn’t get to all the points of the agenda just because someone not very relevant kept asking too many questions and we ran out of time. Instead of unnecessary meetings, one on one discussion or an email or phone call is more effective. Only relevant people are involved and ideas, questions gets exchanged quickly and directly. There is no disturbance from people who are not really involved and work gets done quickly.

I am pretty sure that companies or teams that have lesser meetings are more efficient in their work.

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