Doing things perfectly

downloadI believe in doing things perfectly, no matter what job it is. Be it cooking for an office potluck, doing my laundry or writing a program at work. Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. It doesn’t matter whether I like the work or not, once I am in charge of it, I need to give my hundred percent on it and make it perfect. I go by this motto.

When I invite guests for dinner, even it is a casual one, I make sure I do my best. One shouldn’t feel unwelcome at home. The effort you put in doing something shows your dedication towards the work and the people involved in it. It gives a clear message to them. Lot of times actions (or in this case your work) speaks about you. It gives a picture of who you are.

In the silicon valley, many job recruiters ask for your work before even scheduling to interview view. The idea is that it is easy to judge a person by seeing their work. A lot can be said about you through your work.

I understand that many of us may not be in a position to do what we love doing but let that not come in your way of doing things right. Give your best in whatever you were doing, you will reap the benefits in your lifetime.

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