Did you have to struggle to achieve anything in life?

download (1)I often ask people this question because I always felt that my life has been a struggle, it still is. It could be just my perspective. Struggling doesn’t just mean coming from a poor background and breaking all odds to achieve success. Struggle can also mean working very hard, sometimes two steps more than what a person would normally do to achieve the same thing.

Simple things take longer for me to achieve. I am the sort of person who takes utmost care to make sure things don’t go wrong and I mostly do this because of my history of things getting wrong unexpectedly. Yet I always find obstacles my way no matter what I do. I eventually get to where I wanted to go but after clearing all the obstacles. Sometimes I am just too tired fighting my way off and always wonder why me?

My friend says people who struggle earlier on in their life will have no struggles in the latter half. I try to console myself each time by remembering my friends words. My dad says everyone needs to carry their own cross, in the sense each person has their own fair share of struggles and no one but only that person needs to overcome it.

I asked a church priest one day why such things happen to me all the time, to which he replied – why not you? His words left me thinking for many days. Why do I feel that I don’t deserve to have struggles. I would like to believe that universe or its eternal power (whatever that you believe in ) has a way of knowing how much a person can withhold. On one hand they make us go through all these trials and sorrows and on the other hand they also bring us out of our misery when we desperately need it.

I feel that may be our minds are wired to remember only bad things more stronger than the good ones. May be the number of times I didn’t have to struggle is higher than the number of times I did and may be I chose not to remember those good times. At the end all that matters is whether you are happy or not. It doesn’t matter how long you took to get there as long as you are happy at the end.

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