Are you insecure?

downloadInsecurities get the worst out of us. We change into this whole other new person who is obsessed with proving that they are better. Insecurities can arise very early in school, it can happen at work and you can also encounter them at home. Oftentimes people are so insecure that they end up behaving too desperate to prove their point.

I had a colleague at work who felt so insecure that he would not share any knowledge about the work he was doing. He would never collaborate and would always make sure to create a boundary around him such that no one else enters his territory (work wise).

Insecurity also creates problems in relationships. In children, constant insecurity can elevate to personality disorder. The easiest way to remove this feeling is to be comfortable in yourself. Take pride in what you are, ugly, fat, bald – it doesn’t matter. There will always be someone out there who won’t appreciate your body and try to find fault, do not care for such people. Love yourself from head to toe and from within. Once you accept that, you will build confidence and self esteem.

Once you do that, next step is to stay away from people who provoke your insecurity and be closer to those who encourage you. Good company helps in wide variety of ways. Stay positive and very soon you will be leading a confident life.

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One Response to Are you insecure?

  1. Well said…

    It’s a painful balance sometimes, I think. Admitting I can be insecure, react out of fear of losing something, fear of not getting something or fear of not being enough…

    But also acknowledging that some people or things are not good for me. They don’t offer the acceptance or validation I need and being around them wears me down. I tend to try to see the best in people and internalize things, so I have a habit of sticking around or staying silent way too long 🙂 Instead of walking away…not blaming, judging or chucking rocks…just wall away.

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