Some of the hardest decisions in life are also the best ones

imagesEver found yourself in a situation where you did you not know what to do and had to make the hardest decision ever? Where each path led to completely different poles and no matter what you chose, it seemed like you were on the losing end?

I faced with one such situation many years back. I was a young engineer having great career aspirations. On one side I wanted to make it big, land a job in the silicon valley, on the other hand I did not want to leave my home, family, friends and go so far away that seeing or being in touch seemed far from true. And there was also a third possibility of giving all of this up and go back to school for higher education. As I was contemplating my likely next steps, to chose between love, education and career, life did not seem easy.

I eventually chose career and that seemed to be logical thing to do at that time. I was young, getting a strong foundation in career at an earlier age goes a long way in long term career progress. Going for higher education would have made me end up with a huge load of education loan in addition to what I already had. Having a successful career at a young age helped me pay of the loan very quickly. And I also did my masters part time while working. It was a win-win for me.

At that moment though, everything felt complicated. Sometimes the decisions we take may not make us happy or contented but after many years when you look back, it will seem right. Life brings us opportunities with its fair share of twists and turns. Making the right choice and believing in it is important. Putting your heart and mind into what you believe will surely get you to success.

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