Declutter and move on

downloadI am sure all of us own that special dress or jewelry or accessory that we hope to wear some day at a fancy party or an important event. It’s been sitting on the closet for years. Some of us might also have a fancy china or bed sheets or scented candles that we don’t use in the hopes of using it on a special occasion. Only thing, that special day never comes.

Don’t save things for a special occasion, make each day special. Wear that beautiful dress before you grow out of it. Light those scented candles and pamper yourself with the fancy china and bedsheets. Cook that special dish, try out that restaurant that you always wanted to go. Take that vacation that you have been longing for in the back of your mind for years. Seize the day, live each moment as if it were your last and life will have a new meaning.

Get rid of anything that isn’t useful. We all love to accumulate and hold on to things. Each year evaluate what you don’t need and donate it. Embrace open spaces or make room to try out something new. Move on from good and bad memories. Success depends on how quickly one can move forward.

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