What is life for you?

images (1)Lot of my friends who are going through mid life crisis or other problems in their life don’t seem to appreciate life. When I ask them how do you want your life to be, some of them don’t have an answer for that either. Life is not perfect for anyone, even those who are at their peak of success. Everyone goes through a period of pain, suffering, failure, struggle to get to the top.

Life to me is not living in a big mansion or luxurious neighborhood. Life is walking on the beach in the moonlight, life is being able to listen to the waves or chirping of the birds. Life is not about dining in a high end restaurant or going out on expensive dates. Life is cherishing every moment spent with your loved ones over a cup of coffee in a coffee shop or ordering a take out and dining in your living room. Life is not about a fancy gift or a diamond ring to show off to your friends, life is about being happy, it is about togetherness. It is the quality time you spend with your friends and family that matters.

Life is having people around you who really care about you. Life is having people who are just a phone call away when you need them even in the middle of the night. Life is making other’s life beautiful.

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