Appreciate Life

imagesI came to know today that a colleague is diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer. I am not very close to this person but I have been feeling very sad ever since I heard the news. This is the first time anyone close to me has cancer, I have heard about other people/relatives who have had it but none of whom I had ever met. Of all the people I know she is probably the last one I would imagine getting cancer. She is extremely fit, eats really healthy food and has a pretty healthy lifestyle. Breast cancer is very unpredictable and I guess anyone can get it.

Sometimes it makes me wonder how much I worry about small things in life when there are people out there fighting real problems. It’s not often that one sees a colleague cry and today when she broke down it really moved everyone. I am not sure what I can do other than being there for her and offering her my support and of course keeping her in my prayers everyday.

Any of you out there having a bad day today or getting into petty fights or ignoring their loved ones, take a moment to appreciate your life and all the wonderful people that surround you.

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