Doing nothing phase

downloadHola Amigos!!! How have you been? I have spent almost the whole week since Monday doing nothing. Well almost, I did go to work three days but work was light. And other than that life has been dull. I took this week to just relax, lie down, watch movies or just do nothing.

Sometimes we reach a point in our life when we start to question everything that we do. Do I need to work really this hard? Am I in the right job? Do I have to write a blog post everyday? Do I need to have breakfast? Do I have to workout on the elliptical today? Do I need to continue doing what I am doing? May be this is mid life crisis or may be I am just too tired and need a vacation. May be this is a sign that I need to reflect on my life and change things a bit.

This doing nothing phase is pretty amazing but it can be dangerous if you don’t get out of it quickly because then it starts to become your habit. And once you get used to the idea of doing absolutely nothing all day you mess things up. You are no longer active, no gym, no cooking, no meeting friends, no reading or writing, eating pizza all day and watching movies.

Take the time to relax, everyone deserves that but once that is done make plans to move forward. Life should always keep moving forward. You do not stop, you do not go backwards. Follow this basic rule and things will be fine.

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