Ignore what causes you pain

imagesSometimes in life we come across people who are very distinctly different than what we are. They are never at the same level and don’t seem to understand us or our ideas almost any time. Sometimes they annoy us but at the same time we like them. Some times we can’t avoid them and need to find a way to work with them. They could be one of your closest friends or your colleague at work whom you work with very closely. They could also be your roommate or next door neighbor or someone in your family whom you cannot avoid.

Regardless of what role they plan in our life, these people can cause us a lot of stress. Trying to change them is inevitable in most cases. If you are the type of person who stresses about a lot of things and can’t seem to put things off then this can cause you a great amount of pain and distress. Sometimes it may even impact your health. Learning to ignore such elements in your life is very important.

Ignoring someone who has a significant role in your everyday life can be a bit difficult especially if you have to work with them on a daily basis. However, one should understand that the other person may or may share the same feeling as you do about them. They could be completely normal about you or even like you. Easier thing to do in such cases is to focus on what is needed from them. If this is a colleague just focus on work, they may ask annoying questions and doubts and may tend to forget things easily. Try to think of it as their disability like an aging parent who doesn’t remember.

If it’s an annoying roommate who clutters the common areas, try to think of it them as small child in your house who dirties everything. I am not asking you to be a saint, its about finding ways to stop getting annoyed at someone. Not everyone shares the same interest and these little adjustments that we make to keep our mind clear of petty disturbances will go a long way in improving our ability to stay calm during difficult situations.

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