Health Benefits of Persimmon

PersimmonTo be honest, I hadn’t seen or heard of Persimmon until two months back. May be because I am obsessed with melons and pear or probably because the store I frequent did not carry it. But once I was introduced to this fruit, I couldn’t stop noticing it everywhere I go. The other day, a friend came home with a bag full of Persimmons from her backyard. Not knowing what to do with so many of them, I decided to start eating it everyday.

For those who haven’t heard or had Persimmon, it looks pretty much like a Tomato but lighter in color (more on the orange side). It tastes a little bland with slight sweetness, although I have read that it does contain high amounts of sugar, so those of you with diabetes do your research before eating this in excess.

Persimmon does provide some really good health benefits starting with my favorite one – it is very high in fiber. Fiber is good in more than one ways. It curbs hunger and craving for sugar, helps in weight loss and most importantly it helps your digestive system.

Persimmon is also high in antioxidants and prevents cancer. It is beneficial to detoxify all toxic substances stored in the colon. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that increase immunity and help fight cold and flu.

Eating Persimmon with its skin on will provide you with maximum benefits, however there are other ways you can consume them. My favorite is Persimmon bread, I will post a recipe for that soon. Enjoy the fall season with this yummy fruit.

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