My work is crazy but I still love it

UnknownNot many people can say it out loud today that they love their work. Due to economic fluctuations and ones needs to support themselves and their families, often makes a person take up a job that they don’t really enjoy. I was in the same boat too not too long ago. Thankfully I am at a place now where I love what I am doing. My work hasn’t been light, its full of challenges and frustrations but isn’t that part of our daily life?

I like that I am able to solve problems, offer guidance, clear doubts and pretty much coordinate with everyone in the team. Not a single day passes by when someone hasn’t thanked me.

Many people count the number of days to their retirement. They want to save as much money possible and they stay at home and party. Not a bad idea, I too used to think the same a while back. However when I asked my mom the same question, I was surprised to hear that she doesn’t want to stop working. If given a chance she would work for life. She enjoys her work, her friends/colleagues so much that it is very hard for her to imagine a life without it.

I wish I could say the same. Although I would love to work all my life but having a 9-6 desk job doesn’t really sound interesting for a lifetime. Painting or writing all my life sounds more like something that I can do all my life. That’s a long way to go, until then i’ll enjoy my happiness at whatever I am doing now. Happy Friday.

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