Why you should take vacation

vacationSome might think why would I even feel the need to write such a post. Will there be anyone in the world who would say no to vacation – hell no but there are plenty of them who do not take them voluntarily. Yes, you read that right, I know plenty of people who haven’t taken vacation by choice. This post is for them to stop being so nice, it doesn’t help anyone.

My mom completed the first 10years of her job being a school teacher by not taking a single day off. And no she did not have the option to encash her leaves, all she got at the end of those 10years was a huge memento of appreciation honoring her for not taking leaves which is rusting in the corner of her living room right now. Thankfully she realized it soon enough and doesn’t waste even a single day of her paid time off.

Lot of people think they are doing their employer a huge favor by not taking their vacation and that people will be grateful for their services or some even think that work will come to a standstill if they take a day off. Trust me there is no such thing as coming to a standstill, nothing changes if one person takes a day off. Life goes on and your company will survive. In fact use this time to reward yourself for all the handwork you have been doing. Do not feel guilty about taking vacations, it is your right and not taking it is like not making use of your benefits. Think of it this way – do you refuse to take your salary if one day you realize that you have enough money? Why would you deny your vacation?

Stop wondering about the what’s and if’s and take your vacation now.

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