I am a workaholic – Should I be happy or sad about it?

workaholicNo matter how much I try, I can’t deny the fact that I am a workaholic. I cannot go to bed knowing that I have pending work on my plate. I go to work early, stay late, come home and keep checking emails to make sure the world around my work is doing fine. Sometimes I hate that I can’t take it easy.

It’s nice to be focused, to work a lot, to be the hardest worker in the team but there is a point after which you think where is all this leading me to? Am I happy? I am happy that I love what I am doing, I am happy that I am good at what I am doing but I am not happy that I have to work so hard everyday.

Sometimes I wish I could be that guy who stares out of the window all day and takes it easy, or that other guy who is on Facebook and Skype all day and yet not feel guilty about it. Well I am pretty sure I am millions of years away from these folks, what I certainly can try to do is try and keep work away from home and try to have a little more fun? Doesn’t sound that bad – what say?

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