Are you tired of social norms yet?

opinionAs I was ideating in my mind about this post, suddenly so many parallel thoughts floated in my mind that I was about to get a heap dump error in my brain. I am sure no matter where you live, one has undergone some amount of societal pressure in their lifetime.

Starting from what to dress, what to play, where to study, whom to marry and don’t even get me started on things after that. It’s as if people have nothing better to do than make others do something that they think is important. And when such things are concerned, suddenly I will have 100 new relatives in this world who I did not know existed.

Silly customs and rituals and made up traditions only makes it hard for people. Its been about a year since I got married and now when I flashback the whole preparation stages of the wedding – I can remember the numerous things that I was expected to do just because people think that’s the ideal way to do.

Like asking me why there is no videographer, why am i not dancing, why am i not changing during reception, why no limo, why no wedding planner, why less decorations, why no this, why no that. Giving their feedback on my wedding gown, I can go on and on. The worst thing you can do to a bride/groom is telling them that their wedding was not perfect as per your standards. That as well as surprising them during the event.

There is plenty more but I will save it for another post. Wedding was just an example, the point is there are plenty of such people out there who will force you to doing things that you don’t have to. And they will also do a good job of making you feel guilty of not doing it. But just because you do not have a good excuse doesn’t mean you need to give into it. You never have to justify your decisions about yourself to anyone but you. Do not worry about pleasing the society, they are here one day and not there the next day. Please yourself, that will make your life peaceful.

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