Letting it go

balloonsPossibly one of the hardest things that you will ever have to deal with in life is to let go – of things, people, opportunities, relationships, money, commodity, feelings, emotions, fear and probably happiness. You will find it necessary to let things go simply because that they are heavy. You no longer can carry it else you fall.

Many times it feels wrong and probably very hard to do but almost all the time it is the best thing to do. We as humans have a tendency to get attached very easily – to people as well as things. We watch a movie and within an hour we are so much attached to the character that we want it to end well for them at the climax of the movie. Same goes for real life too.

It is very hard for us to imagine that some things can be temporary. Even if we knew that when we started off, somewhere in the corner of your heart we felt that it will last longer. And finally when its time to let it go, this non-acceptance makes it hard.

Letting things go can help change a lot, it can help make a positive difference to your life as well as others. For example keeping bottled up ill feelings towards someone is only bound to burst one day, letting it go will help you feel better and get a new perspective of life. Some people hold on to horrible jobs even if it makes their life miserable because they are too scared to make a change. Letting that fear go can help a great deal in your professional life.

And last but not the least, you need to let some people also go out of your life, for better or worse. Sometimes letting people go and see things independently can help both you and the other person grow. Holding on to something will do no good to anyone concerned, let it go and get a fresh new start.

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