What happens to online profiles after you die?

What happens to online profiles after you dieA friend of mine died 3years ago, on the day of his birthday. It was hard to see his Facebook timeline filled with birthday messages (from those who did not know about his death) as well as with condolences. Even now after 3years there are some people who wish him on his birthday unaware that he is no more.

Sometimes I wonder what has technology done to us. We send messages to people not knowing if one is alive or not. People make up or break up on the internet. The other day I read a news article about a lady who was lying dead for 6years in her house but no one knew about it as most of her bills were on autopay. When her bank account was finally depleted she defaulted on payments and the bank folks wanted to foreclose the home. That is when they found her body. One of her neighbor used to mow the lawn for her to keep it clean. She usually stays away for months so no one suspected anything weird.

Has life and relationships become so small. I do not want to sound like someone from the 50’s who do not want to move forward with the growing era but I do feel sad about how much disconnected these so called social media and technology has made us. I work in tech industry and its my bread and butter to make things as easy as possible for the customer, automate as much as possible but sometimes I wonder where are we heading towards.

Legislatures are working towards introducing a bill that if passed would allow people to get access of accounts of their loved ones, perhaps you can even mention it on your will. To answer my original question – Online profiles will eventually be deactivated due to inactivity but by the time that happens you will be long forgotten.

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