What Is Happiness

What Is HappinessWhat is happiness, living under the same roof and not appreciating each others presence or living far away and yearning for each other.

What is happiness, watching the sun rise or seeing it go down.

What is happiness, seeing a sick person get out of hospital so that he can live the rest of his life on meds or seeing him die with no pain and a smile on his face.

What is happiness, putting someone else down so you could be happy or making the other person look bigger.

What is happiness, fighting over petty things or not worrying about petty things?

What is happiness, living alone or living with people who don’t appreciate you.

What is happiness, more money in the bank or less worry in your head.

What is happiness, following someone’s feed on Facebook or calling up an old friend and talking to them.

What is happiness, flying with the wind or fly against it.

There is no right or wrong way to be happy, what and when you chose determines what kind of person you are.

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