Find happiness in small things

happinessI am worried about a lot of things in life some of which are minuscule such as why isn’t my sage (herb that I planted 2 weeks back) growing. I am worried about anything and everything around me. I guess even the smallest things worry me partly because I try to find perfection in everything.

Just like small things make me worried, similarly the smallest of things make me happy too. Like for example an airplane. Just looking at an airplane fly up on the sky makes me very happy. I know it sounds crazy and probably childish but that’s how simple it is for me to be happy.

Fortunately I bought my house close to NASA research center which means I see different kinds of low flying planes often, which helps keep my happiness index high. People keep running behind money and all kinds of things to get happiness but they fail to realize that it can be right there in front of you.

It’s not so complicated. Life is not so hard as it seems. There are many such small things all around you that can make you happy, trust me I have written a book about it (and no the airplane is not listed there :)).

How about taking sometime this weekend to try to find that happiness. Happy Friday!!!

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