Are you doing it right?

do it rightI have been a little irregular on my daily post lately, partly because my parents were here last month so no time for anything but party and partly because right after they left I got sucked up into hell load of work.

After feeling guilty for writing only 6 posts last month and 9 so far this month, I decided to be regular at least for the rest of the days this month. Only problem – I do not have thoughts pouring into my mind. Well there can be two reasons for that – one my mind is rusty because of the break and two I am not sad. I usually get good ideas for writing when I am sad. I know that’s bad but thats how it works for me.

Actually there is more to it than that. I try to use my negative energy to do something positive. It helps me take my mind out of whatever I am worried or sad about and I also get to enjoy the process of transformation. It is just a simple way of doing things right.

Many people complain about their crappy life, or not having time, or hardships and what not. But very rarely do they do anything about it. It is very easy to sit and crib about not being able to do anything rather than trying to do it. It’s easy to command others to do things right but are you really doing it right in the first place? Something to think about.

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