Keep going even when there is no hope

hopeVery often when things go wrong or not according to my plan, I feel like its the end of the world. I feel disappointed with everything and see no hope in moving forward. But then suddenly something inside me wants me to keep going ahead.

With no hope or inspiration, I try to make my way forward. I try to look for the slightest sign that can give me a shimmer of hope. I try to read the horoscope section on the newspaper which even if not true always seems to say something positive. Sometimes, i blame it on the day of the week that I dislike most, sometimes its the date and sometimes its something else.

All these no matter how unimportant it seems, play an important role in lifting my spirits up. Sometimes, all we need is a little push from within to make us keep going forward, even if that push is a lie or a fake hope. Keep moving forward because bad clouds don’t hover over forever, eventually they pass and gives way for the sunshine.

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