Talk less, do more

Talk less, do moreI am sure all of us have met such people like million times in our live who pretend to know or do things but half the time have no clue about it. There is this category of people who earn their living just by talking and no I am not referring to the media people here. I am referring to those regular office blokes who are supposed to get things done but instead find their way out just by talking and pretending to do something useful.

Now does that sound familiar, way too much I bet. Time and again I meet such people and to my disbelief (actually I am not surprised anymore) they succeed in their profession. Sometimes the ability to speak or false speaking does help. I had this person who would throw away ideas in the air in all business meeting but has no clue how the system works and if his idea is even applicable for the scenario we are discussing.

Yet they succeed and manage to impress people because it turns out there is a hierarchy of such folks in all places way up the ladder. Hence when such ideas are presented, their counterparts up the hierarchy seem to like it and float in the air. And the rest is history – he either makes the not so talking people do the work or gets thrown away eventually as his talking tactics no longer help.

In the longterm however, it is the task less-do more crowd that sustains. They grow (sometimes slowly) but not just within the confines of the business but intellectually as well. And this is what eventually will help them in achieving success. Do not aim for short term achievements, aim for long term gains. Even though it takes time to achieve them, it pays to wait and do/learn it the right way.

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