What happened to all my time?

timeThere was a time when I had plenty of time to write my blogs about 5 to 7 posts a week, now I am finding it hard to even write 3. Did I lose focus or am I genuinely busy? Work has definitely increased over the years and so did stress.

Writing was my stress busting exercise but now not being able to write frequently is creating stress. I wish I could just go to the coffee shop overlooking the beach and write my thoughts. I had plenty of time to visit a bookstore at least once a week, sometimes more than that a few years back. I had plenty of time to go for walks and do something creative. Now I am just left sitting in a closed room, staring at my laptop. Where did all my time go.

May be because I don’t live alone anymore or may be because I am growing old or may be my priorities changed or perhaps a combination of all of them. Well time doesn’t stop for anyone, only thing that changes is the way we manage them. If you need to do something, get to the top of it, do not wait for the right time, because that will never happen. Start doing things right away.

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