Moving On

moving onDo you remember the feeling when someone dear to you goes away? The feeling when all you can do throughout the day is think about the time you spent with them. Every thing you do or every item you touch reminds you of them. Why does it happen that we feel the importance of a person only after they are gone? When they are with us we take them for granted. We love them, hate them, sometime they even annoy you, they change your schedule and after some days they become part of you, sometimes to such an extent that after they are gone things are not the same anymore.

Friendship and loneliness are part of everyone’s life. Sometimes we are happy when we are in the company of people and some times we are happy when alone. Sometimes you wonder how small things in life can matter so much. People spend their whole lives looking for happiness while it might be there right in front of you sitting on the couch and you never noticed. Life doesn’t stop when someone close to us goes away, life has to go on, we all move on.

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