Small things neglected often result in big disaster

neglectRemember those shortcuts that we take often just so that we can save some time and avoid doing anything elaborate. It feels good initially but very often we forget that we are pretty much digging a grave for ourselves by doing that.

I am pretty sure, I have told this story before but I will say it again just because it was life changing for me and I am sure lots of people neglect their health same way as I did. Taking care of your health and body is often the most neglected aspect of one’s life. For some reason we think about this last. We are worried about other people’s health and fitness, food intake and eating habits but we fail to notice our own ignorance to the health.

One such incident happened with me few years ago, after constantly eating poorly for almost a decade, my body finally gave up and it all came out in a form that I least expected and in a place that I never wanted – my face. My face was filled with adult acne and at one point it was so bad that I hated looking at the mirror. It’s been 4 years and although it has reduced now but not fully recovered. I am afraid that is something I will have to deal with for the rest of my lIfe.

This is just one example there plenty of other things in our daily life which we neglect often ignoring it as being small and unimportant and later on results in a big problem. Do not wait for that day or for things to get out of hand. It takes a small shrub to turn into a weed and take over the whole fence. Taking short cuts is not the way to solve a problem, do it the right way.

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