Apologize only when you mean from the heart

sorrySorry is an overrated word. People use and misuse it almost million times a day, how many of those million actually comes from the heart? Probably just 20% – I made that number up but I am pretty sure it is close and here is why.

Most people say sorry out of respect for others, or because they are being polite. Sometimes they have no clue what they are apologizing for, they just say it because that is the right thing to do or because that will curb the other person’s anger. Some even use it as an excuse to get way with their mistakes.

Even in extreme serious cases when they are at fault – people often say sorry to please the other person, because they know that the person who is hurt wants to hear it not because they mean it from their heart. I am sure most of us have done that at least once in our life – it could be a small thing or a big mistake but apology that doesn’t come from your heart is worse than the mistake for which you are apologizing. You are probably better off not apologizing in such cases.

Anyway that being said, its never too late to make amends. In fact apologizing when the other person is least expecting it will make them feel even better and they will know that this one definitely came from your heart.

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