Getting back to normal

normalHappy Thursday guys!!! I almost never say that and for the last couple months I had no clue what day of the week I am in, everyday was just a crap load of work. Thankfully all the bad days are over, at least for now and I am back to my normal work and hoping for a normal work-life balance as well.

Most of us tend to ignore thursdays because it has very little significance as compared to high priority days such as Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thursday is just at the threshold of the weekend and hence most of us try to finish up the work and any other chores that we might have so that we are ready to welcome the weekend.

For the past two months my work life has been going on in high speed mode. Its as if I am in a F1 racing track trying to get to the finish line as fast as I can and all I can see is what lies ahead of me. I have no clue what the others are upto.

Sometimes being in the not normal mode spoils us a little too. We often get used to the crazy routine which can sometimes mean cutting some slack and eventually when its time to get back to normal, it isn’t as easy as we think it is. As important it was to make yourself agile to meet deadlines, it is important to get back to normal routine in the same pace as well.

It involves making changes to the way you do things and sometimes even pushing back and reminding people that you are no longer in the stretch mode and eventually things will fall in place. Well I can’t wait to get back to my usual routine and looking forward to the weekend.

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