I like meeting crappy people in my life

horribleHaving a lot of crappy people in your life is not all that bad after all. I understand it may irritate you to the core, cause a lot of stress and unwanted confusion in your life but look at the brighter side, it makes you a much stronger better person.

Personally I love meeting crappy people because they inspirer me to write about them and it makes my life easy, I have something new and interesting to write everyday – thanks to their good deeds. Unfortunately most of these people are at work because outside of work I spend my time only with people I like who are definitely not crappy.

Other than my selfish intention of accomplishing a juicy article for my daily blog post, crappy people also help me develop lots of skills – one of the most important one is how to react during difficult situations. Like for example, sometimes there are people who talk no sense at all in important meetings and all I want to do at that moment is get up and say it out loud – “What the hell are you talking about?” but instead I teach myself not to react to such people and situations.

Sometimes its best to stay quiet and watch how things play out. Reacting to foolish people will make you look foolish as well. Controlling your temper and attitude during such instances is the wisest move and will probably help you grow up in the long run.

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