How are successful people smarter than the rest?

smartEveryone writes about xxx habits of successful people or xxx ways of becoming rich or xxx things smart people do. I can keep going on about it. Its probably the most widely used trick to catch a readers attention given that we are living in such a competitive world.

But today I am not going to provide you with any such list. I don’t have the patience to make such a list neither do I believe that such a list will benefit you in anyway. The bigger the list the easier it will be to give up on following it. So instead I will provide you with just one thing that I feel will help you get smarter. It’s not too hard to follow but it isn’t very easy either.

Educate yourself everyday. I remember back during my school days, my teacher used to ask each one of us to read newspaper and write down at least 5 new things that we learnt that day. These were back then when computers and internet were unheard of and only source of information was newspaper and magazines.

At that time it felt like a painful task that neither of us liked to do but only years later did I realize how much it helped us grow in long term. Learning is a continuous process, you never stop learning no matter how old you become. People who accept this fact and embrace it have a higher chance of becoming successful than those who don’t believe in this.

Like Steve Jobs said – “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. The day you think that you know enough and don’t need anything more, you are going down. As long as you stay hungry for more knowledge you progress for the better.

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