March Madness Literally

madnessEver since I can remember March has always been a busy month for me. During school and college days, March would be either the month of final exams or the month just before final exams. Either way it would be a busy period to catch up on missed assignments, following up with notes, preparing for exams and so on.

I was happy after finishing up my college days, hoping that the madness would never return. Who knew it doesn’t get any better as you grow up. In the industry that I work on, March is probably the busiest of all periods. With each day work gets crazier exponentially. March is also the period when most companies announce their bonus payout, pay revision et al. And that’s a different kind of madness as well.

Well good news is in less than a week April will be here, and so will the madness end. At least I would like to think so. And like everything else, I am sure all this madness will only make me a bigger better person in the long term.

What are some of your busiest periods?

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