Some things never get answered

UnknownI am sure almost everyone of us have followed the news of the missing airplane for the last ten days. As days pass, we hear different conflicting stories and each day adds new mysteries to the already complicated scenario. Sometimes I wonder if we will ever get the answers.

Life is so uncertain. I read about another article the other day about a women who died six years ago and no one came to know about it until her bank ran out of money and she defaulted on her payments. She had set up auto pay on all her bills.

One thing all makes all of us equal is the certainty that all of us have to die one day, no one can escape that – rich or poor, big or small. How we achieve that is not in our hands either. Only thing that we can hope for is to cause the least trouble to those dear to us when we leave.

All these incidents around us are a reminder to live your life to its fullest content. Never worry or feel bad about bad times, considering all the other problems going on in the world, I am pretty sure your problem is pretty small. Don’t hold grudges, forgive and make up with everyone. Live life in a happy manner.

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