Why do people get pets when they can’t take care of it

petsHappy Friday everyone!!! I was up last night until midnight and from the time I got back from work which is around 7pm till 10pm my neighbors dog kept barking continuously. She does that when her owner is not at home. I have seen other neighbors leave notes at her door saying that her dog barks all day when she is away but it didn’t seem to make any difference.

Which makes me think, why do people get pets when they can’t take care of it. I am a huge dog lover. I literally grew up with dogs by my side until I left home. I don’t live in apartment anymore and I do have the means and space for a dog now but I hesitate to get one because of my crazy working hours. I feel the dog would feel lonely and depressed if I leave it alone at home all day.

Same goes with my other neighbors who can’t take care of their cats. I hate to see others cats loitering around my house and other common areas. Sometimes I fear for them as it’s easy to get run over since they are mostly in the garage space. Why in the world would anyone leave their pets outside, I could never understand.

I have had a very painful experience of losing a dog when I was young and even though we found it after a day, it was a very hard time. My advice to all you people is – please adopt pets only when you are ready for the responsibility. Do not make others responsible for your carelessness.

Oh that reminds me, my parents puppies turn 1 one. Happy Birthday to all of them.

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