What is hard forgiving or forgetting?

forgive and forgetMost of us have grown up hearing the phrase forgive and forget. From parents to teacher to church and everyone else, even the media keeps reminding us that we shouldn’t hold a grudge against anyone no matter how important or difficult it is. But is it really that easy?

I probably have one of the most tolerant hearts out there so it isn’t too much of a daunting task for me to forgive someone, no matter how much damage it has caused to me. I can just forgive and go on with my life. No everyone can do or say that easily.

No matter how great that is, it is negated by the fact that I can almost never forget anything. Good or bad, it always remains with me. And no matter how much I forgive, there will always be a time when I will think about it.

At a seminar that I attended a few years ago, someone asked how long should one forgive? To which the person conducting the seminar replied the one should forgive as long as you forget. You haven’t really forgiven if you still keep thinking about it. I guess that answers my question in the title.

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