Awkward dinner conversations

dinnerMaking the small talk has always been the tough thing for me, be it in parties, social events, at work or causal dinner. It’s just not my thing. When I was single, I would usually take my friends, talkative ones to such occasions so that they do all the talking and no one notices how little I speak.

Now that I am married to a person who doesn’t speak much either, attending dinner with just the two of us and two other people seems dreadful. We often wonder what will be speak for 2-3hours that we will spend with our friends during dinner.

Sometimes there are friends who love talking and pretty much take over the whole dinner conversation, which is good because that’s what they love doing and that’s what we want from them too. But sometimes there are moderate speakers, who do strike conversations but not continuous. As a result there will be some short periods of silence during dinner. Sometimes the conversations get so whacky that we start discussing snakes, alligators, crickets, biting ants and squirrel meat all at the same time. Yes, I know what you are thinking, it does get awkward.

Thankfully most of our friends know us well and hence don’t mind filling up the silent spaces during our dinner and we as host or guests do our best to help them too. Did any of you folks have any such awkward encounters either as a host or guest?

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