World full of crazy people

crazyDo you ever feel like the world around you is filled with a bunch of crazy people and you are the only one who says or does something that makes sense? Well my life has been kinda that way for the past 3-4weeks and for some reason I also find myself in similar situation quite frequently that I often wonder if it is I who is doing something wrong.

I am in place where people are trying to do lot of things at the same time and nothing is organized and to add to the fun people do not know how to push back. Fortunately, thanks to my OCD – I like to keep track of things in addition to paying attention and when everyone in the meeting talks about three different solutions for the same issue, it doesn’t make sense to anyone else but me.

Does any of that make sense? I am trying to be as cryptic as possible since I don’t want to seem like someone who is complaining about the chaotic mess that I am going through. Anyway like everything else I believe this will pass too and I secretly hope all the crazy people disappear too. Well not literally but I do hope their crazy attitude disappears some day.

Do any of you face the same situation in your life? If yes post your experience in the comments section.

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