Why I haven’t volunteered so far

volunteerI am not sure if I am shy or scared or just plain old lazy but when it comes volunteering, somehow it never worked out. I have this constant urge to go out there and give to the community. To be able to help the poor, the homeless, the orphans or even animals. But all I could do so far is help them through my monetary contribution.

I contact them, fill out applications but when it comes to going there, I back out. I feel nervous, I come up with excuses and I don’t go ahead with it. I don’t like meeting people and that is what most volunteer opportunities provide you with – meet people, work with them, collaborate with them and help more new people.

I know this is a fear that I need to overcome soon and when I do that the outcome will be really beautiful but for some reason I haven’t got there yet. Although I agree that it would have been a lot easier if I had a friend who shared the same interest and who can accompany me at least to the first few times until I get accustomed to the new environment and the people. Unfortunately I do not know anyone who has the time and interest to do so and this is something I will have to do on my own.

Well I know one thing for sure that I will not give up and its only a matter of time before I go our there and start volunteering.

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One Response to Why I haven’t volunteered so far

  1. I always think about it too and always plan on doing it. But, I would need someone to go with me as well. I don’t like meeting new people either.

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