Be who you are not who the world wants you to be

be who you areWe keep hearing this and various flavors of this phrase often, yet we end up doing what others want us to do. We climb down various levels of dignity just to climb up few steps in the ladder. But what do you get by climbing the ladder? Are you even in the right ladder?

I don’t blame if you are in the wrong ladder. We all are at the wrong ladder at some point of our life. And the reason for that is because we were trying to follow what others want us to be. Most of the time when you ask people for their advice/opinion, they often give you ideas of their better self, their unfulfilled dream. And sometimes if it comes from someone whom you adore and believe whole heartedly, then we may not even think about it twice and just go about following it.

We try to change ourself, wear clothes we aren’t comfortable wearing, eat food we aren’t used to eating, participate in events or parties that we don’t like just because we are expected to do so. We go to college, take up a course that we don’t like, end up getting a job that has nothing to do with what we learnt and keep working hard trying to please the boss just so that we can get a mere 3% raise which is pointless in the bigger scheme of things.

Is all this pain that we go through to please the world, worth it? Do we really need to lead a life living someone else’s dreams? Think about it.

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