Why am I so good with dates?

datesSometime around this time last year, I had to make a choice about which offer to accept. I had three offers all of which had their pros and cons and although I thought I knew what I wanted, it wasn’t done until its actually done. The rest is history. But this post is not about my job.

Six years back, on Jan 12th, I took another opportunity that changed my life. Thirteen years back on July 27, I left home not knowing I was leaving for good. I wasn’t running away, it just happened by chance. I went for college admissions but classes had already started. July 31th, 2005 I got my first pay check. I have been working close to 9 years in more than 25 projects and I remember the start and end date of all my projects.

Needless to say I remember birth dates and anniversaries of all my family, friends, relatives, colleagues and everyone else whose birthday I have celebrated at least once in my lifetime.

Why am I so good with dates, I have no idea. Researchers say that we remember only those things that are important to us. That explains the dates related to important events in my life but remembering someone’s birthday whom I haven’t spoken to in the last 15years is astonishing to me. That doesn’t mean that I send cards or call or text them on their special day, I don’t even send a Facebook message but I think about them if I remember.

If I dig deeply, I feel that my insane habit about remembering dates is just part of my memory. I am a good listener and even better when it comes to paying attention. I am usually good at remembering things – not just numbers but about anything, which kind of annoys people sometimes because they are usually wrong about certain things that they did or said on a certain day and I am usually right.

Its just one of those things that happen without asking for it. For example if someone asks you to remember something, then you are likely to forget. That being said, its a nice gift to have and I hope it stays the same and doesn’t decline with age. What are some of your weird habits.

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