The dark side of anger

angerSome things are better untold. For example, the words coming out of your mouth when you are angry. You know you don’t mean it, yet you say it out loud. Sometimes you even put it in writing. You hurt the person at the other end who will forgive you eventually but will never forget it.

Worst is when you act on it. Like for example – breaking things, messing up with others stuff, doing something that you know will hurt the other person. Anger is a very horrible thing, it makes you do things that you never imagined you were capable of doing. And not one person is happy acting on their anger instincts. It always gets you in trouble.

The best way and probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when you are angry is to keep quite and go away as far as possible from all humankind. Alright not all humankind but at least from the source of your anger. Engage in something to cool off your anger – like go swimming, play, run or paint, just about anything that you can do alone – spare the alcohol though.

I know it is hard and you may not be able to master it even when you are 50 but its never too late to try. Don’t be a victim of your dark side lest you will lose everything and everyone that is important to you.

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