Discover your other side

Discover your other sideEvery year for the last 4-5years I have been on a mission. A mission to find the other side of me. Basically find out everything that I wanted to do or even didn’t want to do and try doing it. Does it make any sense?

Let me elaborate more. Five years ago, I was a boring 25 year old girl. All I did was work for 12-15hours sometimes even more. I achieved quite a lot in terms of money. All my debts were taken care of but I wasn’t feeling satisfied. My everyday 9-6 work was getting monotonous. I decided to rediscover myself.

Since then every year, I learn and involve in something new. Could be a sport, could be an activity, could be anything. I learnt swimming in 2009. I played basketball in 2010. I learnt guitar in 2011, I started writing in 2012 and cooking. I started gardening in 2012 & 2013. In 2014 I am doing art. With each activity I felt confident about myself. I have so many things to do and each day I am learning something new. At the end of the year, I feel great sense of accomplishment.

Lot of times, we take our time for granted. We do not make use of it well. We spend our free time watching TV or browsing the internet. I was one of these too. I didn’t watch TV much while growing up. But during all my years of living alone after college – I made up for those missed TV time. I watched all the shows and movies on my lists, sometimes even reruns. Spending the whole weekend just watching movies made me feel guilty every Sunday night as I get ready for the next week. I felt like I did not do anything worthwhile.

That’s when I realized, I need to step up. I need to do more. I still watch my TV and movies during weekend but I also look forward to my hobby time during weekends. I set goals for everything that I need to work on – I allocate time for trying out my new recipe, to re-pot my plants in the garden, to complete my painting, to write my blog. I don’t do everything on the same day but you get the point.

Life is very short, explore your other side as much as you can. You will be surprised to find how many hidden talents you have.

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