What is the greatest pain you have experienced?

painPain is a strange thing. It arrives in different ways and hurts us all. Pain can be when you fall down and scratch your knee, pain can when you break your toe nail, pain can also be when someone dear to you leaves or when you do not get something you badly wanted.

What is the greatest pain you’ve ever experienced? When I ask this question, most women would answer the pain of childbirth, most young folks may say – loving someone but not be able to be with them, some people may answer the pain of seeing someone die in front of you and not able to do anything about it.

Small or big, pain is excruciating. It takes off all our energy and makes us feel miserable, sometimes we even wonder why we need to go through all this. Do you know what causes pain? Other than the pain which comes due to physical conditions most other pain comes due to expectations. Expectations that we have from our jobs, from people around us and from life in general.

I am sure everyone has had a their fair share of pains and no pain is lesser than the other. Heartbreak of a 5 year old is as important as the heartbreak of a 25year old. Losing a job at 30 is as painful as losing a job at 50. Pain doesn’t change with age, it always remains the same. Only thing that changes is how we handle the pain. At 25, we are probably more vulnerable, we might even be stupid enough to think that living doesn’t make sense anymore. We all have had that thought at least once in our life.

But as we grow old, we learn to deal with pain, we learn to accept and we learn to climb back up. We learn to provide support to those who need it and we also learn that pain no matter in what form is not the end of the world. So all you people out there, no matter what pain you are experiencing right now, do not worry. It will not last forever, you will eventually feel better hopefully soon.

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