Is the age of books over?

booksI love books, I have a library at home that is still under development. I have a box load of books lying at my aunts house for the last six years because I spent five years of my college life in the same city as she and I had to leave the city in a rush for my new job assignment and my parents never really made a trip there after I left.

Every time I see books I go into this different world where no one else exits. Anyway, recently while I was chatting with my parents I came to know that books are slowly getting replaced by eBooks in the school curriculum. My mom was happy since her students will no longer have to carry a sack load of books in their back anymore, but I was not happy.

The pleasure of holding a book in your hand and reading it can never be compared to anything else. Yes, eBooks are easy and portable, you can carry it with you anywhere and start reading but real books are divine.

Does this mean a few generations from now library will be just a word which people will use to describe something people 50 years from before went to. Will it become as strange as writing letter instead of email or phone calls.

I have spent more than 50% of my college life in library. People knew that if I wasn’t in my class or my hostel room then I am in library. The pleasure of being buried among the large shelves in library is amazing. I could never learn a lesson without holding the book in my hand and highlighting the important lines in the chapter.

Change is indeed inevitable but if there is something that I do not want to change is the exit of books from schools, from colleges, from libraries and from our lives.

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2 Responses to Is the age of books over?

  1. I was saying the same thing in a recent interview post. Hopefully, books will be around for at least another century. There’s a place for eBooks AND traditional books. Rather like candles—when electricity was invented, we didn’t do away with candles, but still kept them handy and pretty on the shelf. Nice post!

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