Exploring the Lost Coast

redwood hwy

redwood hwy

When I was exploring ideas for short road trips around northern California to spend my extended Christmas vacation, I stumbled upon this city called Shelter Cove. California is an amazing state no doubt about that. With Southern California filled with made up places like Hollywood, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Disneyland and Sea World, the Northern California is different. It doesn’t have any of these commercial attractions other than the obvious Golden Gate Bridge but it does have other very beautiful attractions.

Lots of small coastal towns and plenty of redwood trees. California’s North Coast has Mendocino County which is one of the most beautiful counties. For the lazy travelers who don’t want to drive too far, this county provides plenty of small towns which gives you the feeling of being away from the world yet close to home.

If you go further north, there is the Humboldt County, Eureka being the biggest city of the county. The area of the coastline towards the south of Humboldt County is called the Lost Coast. It is one of the most undeveloped and remote portions of the California coast due to its rugged terrain and very little Highway development.

Chandelier Tree

Chandelier Tree

This secluded area has a beautiful little town called Shelter Cove. We had decided to visit the Lost Coast as our travel destination. The drive up there is not too bad its about 200 miles from San Francisco but takes about 6hours due to curvy roads and reduced speed limit. As you cross Mendocino County the highway 101 starts getting beautiful. There are stretches of highway that runs in the middle of redwood forests with attractions such as the great drive-through Chandelier Tree, The one log house and the Avenue of the Giants right on the highway.

The trip was long but worth the drive as most of the hotels in Shelter Cove is right on the coast overlooking the ocean. Another special thing about this coast is the black sand and although it is known as the resting place for sea lions, I wasn’t fortunate to see them. Perhaps they were hibernating somewhere else.

Black Sand Coast - View from the Inn

Black Sand Coast – View from the Inn

There is lot of beauty and serenity in this place and is a must visit for anyone looking for a rejuvenating experience. It definitely rejuvenated my senses. Will I ever come back again – the drive is long but its worth the wait.

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