I Wish You Were There

Here is another shot at my poetry today, if you like it feel free to read my other poems here. I am still a novice in poetry so all feedbacks are welcome. Happy Friday!!!

I wish the first time I fell sick,
You were beside me,
Holding my hand and caring my body.

I wish when I went to bed and stared out at the sky through the window,
You were beside me,
Watching the stars and the enjoying the moonlight.

I wish when I sat on the dinner table alone tonight,
You were beside me,
Sharing the meal and sipping the wine.

I wish when I was lost on the wrong road,
You were beside me,
Directing the way.

I wish when I attended my kins funeral,
You were beside me,
Comforting my pain.

I wish when I feared the worst,
You were beside me,
Giving me strength.

I wish when I wanted to cheer,
You were beside me,
Acting like a fire.

I wish when my life was filled with darkness,
You were beside me,
With colors of brightness and lamps of happiness.

I wish when I close my eyes,
You are beside me,
Holding me in your arms.

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