However good or bad a situation is, it will change

I feel happy every time I listen to this song. I am sure all of us have that special song that makes us happy every time we listen.

Holidays are finally over, most of us are back to work, if not today then probably on monday. Its a weird feeling – sort of like a back to school feeling. Every time I get this feeling, I am scared.

New Year also brings lots of challenges – challenge to find a new job, challenge to excel at our field, challenge to be happy. I am sure most of us have started the year on a happy note but not everyone is that fortunate. There will be some of us who aren’t so happy. Who probably can’t wait for holidays to be over, who are so tired with all the anger and frustrations and negativity that they don’t feel like moving forward.

My only advice to all such people is to have hope. Nothing lasts forever, so will this phase too. No matter how good or bad the situation is, things will change and will bring a brightness to your life. Do not waste your energy on things that you cannot control instead focus on things that are within your reach.

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