Feeling annoyed at the holiday season?

holidayA friend asked on Facebook, why the hell is everyone wishing Happy Holidays when there isn’t any freaking Holiday. She had a point. Unless you are working in a school or college, most other offices are closed only on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day – so if you do not have any accumulated days or working on an important project then it is very likely that you wouldn’t be able to take days off. It gets better or worse depending on where you work.

But holidays is not just about taking a day off, it is the feeling that you get when you see people around you happy. Some are excited for their trip to their parent’s place, some are excited about the visitors coming to their house, some are excited about the holiday parties, about going shopping, and of course all the lights and Christmas Decorations brings the happiness inside you out. It is hard to be sad during these times.

But who are we kidding, happiness is very much part of sadness. No matter how much beautiful and happy people around you are, there will still be lots of people who are sad. Sad about losing a dear one, sad about not being able to be with their family, sad because of being separated from their loved one, sad because of not having enough money.

Happiness and sadness are part of our lives but what makes holiday season special is the fact that it brings hope. Hope to recover, hope to get back to normal, hope be happy. It may be very far but not impossible. You just need some time and keep trying to get the eternal happiness.

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