5 things you are doing wrong right now

doingitwrongIt’s Friday before the long holiday vacation and I am in no mood of writing long philosophical stories today. I want to finish all my daily chores and start preparing for Christmas – start the baking, play the carols and just feel happy. So this post is just a straightforward list of things you are genuinely doing wrong right now.

1. Using your phone while driving – yes, we all know it’s not allowed by the law, not just texting but answering calls, checking messages should not be done during driving. People don’t understand the consequences unless something drastic happens. Don’t wait for that to happen and definitely don’t put others life at risk.

2. Spending too much time on the internet than with real people – yes, internet has made life easy and all that but what’s the point of all that if you do not have time to say hello to your aunt who lives 2 blocks away.

3. Eating in the middle of the night – Who are we kidding, midnight hunger exists and as much as we know not to eat junk at midnight, the body craves only for that and we reach for that at the old hour. Stop it right now.

4. Doing things only because it’s safe – Sticking onto your job no matter how crappy it is just because you get a paycheck every month, lying to your friends and family instead of standing up to the truth just so that they think good about you. Doing wrong things just because you want to impress someone else – these are some of the examples.

5. Holding grudges – The cousin you haven’t spoken to for years just because you heard someone say she badmouthed you. Most of the times we are not even aware of why we are angry at someone. We get so occupied in holding grudges and maintaining enmity that sometimes we don’t realize that it probably was no one’s fault but just a misunderstanding.

6. Getting angry – Yes, we all have opinion and not everyone shares the same opinion. That doesn’t mean you need to shout at your near and dear ones. How many times have you hung up on your parents or any of your loved ones? Just because they put up with your attitude doesn’t mean you can treat them with disrespect.

I wanted to write 10 points but I also wanted to keep this post short so that you as readers don’t feel too bored reading so many points. So I changed the title to 5 and gave a bonus point, just because.

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