You can wear anything as long as you can carry it well

stylishLike everything else, our society has lot of rules on how a person should dress – at different places, occasion, age, season etc. For a long time people did follow the rules judiciously and whoever broke the rules would be considered making a fashion faux pas but rules are meant to be broken, we all know that by now.

I remember this women I used to work with, she was in her late 30’s and dressed like a teenager. Not that its wrong but some of her outfits just did not suit her. I am all for women or people who make their fashion statement but I am not very keen on the idea of people making these experiments at work. Work after all is a professional environment, what you do outside of work should never be mixed with work.

You can walk the ramp outside of your work but trying the same at workplace sometimes feels a bit overboard and unprofessional. That doesn’t mean we all have to wear blazers and dress suits to work. Different place has different dress etiquettes but it doesn’t hurt to dress a little conservative at work than you do on a Friday night at a friend’s place.

Believe it or not clothes play a huge role in building first impressions. And we all know the importance of that by now, don’t we. My theory is dress stylish but be modest. Sometimes choosing the right color can do the trick. One of the common mistake that lady from work made was choosing the wrong colors – she would dress up in orange, hot red, yellow and match it with equally bold color shoes and accessories. If she had worn the same clothes in black or blue or brown or any pastel color then it wouldn’t have looked as bad.

That doesn’t mean you cannot wear bold colors at all. The trick is to wear modest clothes in bold colors or wear bold clothes in modest colors. You cannot get both at the same time and expect it to work right. After all you are not going to a party on a Friday night. Reserve experimental clothing for Fridays where most people dress casually.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much effort to look trendy and smart at the same time. You just need to mix the right colors and that would do the trick.

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