Life is a reflection of your choices

relectionSome people are rich, some are poor, some are famous, some are not, some are happy, some are sad – this is the story of our life. Some people blame it on luck, some on fate while there are some who leave it to hard work.

I believe life gives everyone a fair chance. You meet the perfect person, you get the right job, you get the best opportunities but its the choices you make around them that screws you up for better or for worse.

How many of us say the sentence – “I wish I had done that….”? Not once but many times. We wish we had pursued that missed opportunity, we wished we had done things differently. We wish we had spent that extra hour preparing for exams rather than watching the movie. We wish we had spent more time enjoying the moment we spent with our loved ones rather than finding fault and complaining about them.

How we wish we can change things. But life is irreversible. Opportunities once lost doesn’t come again, time spent doesn’t get back, people dead do not rise. That is the hard truth of life.

If you are unhappy with your job, its not the people or the company or your job that is wrong, its your choice to work there that was wrong. You made the wrong choice. If you are not happy with your spouse – you made the wrong choice there too. If you are not able to find a job – you did not do enough to get to the point where people offer you jobs. If you have trouble with your friends, its because you made the wrong choice of being friends with people you don’t like. If you don’t like the way you look – that’s because you chose to eat the wrong things and not work out.

Its not too late to change things. You can still change your choice, you can still be the person that you once dreamt to be.

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